reating a ‘beautiful’ site for your target, is not everything

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reating a ‘beautiful’ site for your target, is not everything

Post by Admin on Wed Oct 05, 2016 8:24 pm

Creating a ‘beautiful’ site for your target, is not everything. It is indeed very important to think about its visibility on search engines and thus it’s SEO. Here goes some essential tips to follow to obtain, quickly and easily, well and good visibility on Google and other major search engine results
The base of any website is its domain name. Indeed, it is what will differentiate your site from others. As a result, although the choice is also the basis of internal optimization of your website. Therefore, prefer clean accommodation. And also try to place your keywords.

Stop changing your domain name. The age of your URL is a factor in your site’s search ranking, so be patient. If you’re launching a new blog every six months, you’ll never see your site get the value it deserves.
Sites with dynamic content often rank higher than those with static content. That’s why blogs and directories do so well on search engines. They are constantly being updated with new content.

Duplicate content is one of the worst things for your site from an SEO perspective. Each page should have a single domain score and a single URL. If a page of your Internet has an old and a new URL, a 301 redirect is to be set up to tell the search engine that the page has moved.
This should be the first step for any SEO campaign. The free Google Keyword Planner tool, which can be used to input your website’s home page URL and review the keyword ideas Google provides. You should also do the same for two or three competitive sites. Visit for more


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